Agents, Data Mining, Rule-Based Systems, and Speech Processing By Sara Rea. Published by Addison Wesley Professional. ISBN: 0321246268; Published: Apr 15, 2005; Copyright 2005; Dimensions 7x9-1/4 ; Pages: 288; Edition: 1st. Book Description Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around almost as long as computers. However, only relatively recently, have AI techniques have been brought to bear on common software problems.
What is Refactoring? Refactoring is a disciplined technique for restructuring an existing body of code, altering its internal structure without changing its external behavior. Its heart is a series of small behavior preserving transformations. Each transformation (called a 'refactoring') does little, but a sequence of transformations can produce a significant restructuring. Since each refactoring is small, it's less likely to go wrong. The system is also kept fully working after each small refactoring, reducing the chances that a system can get seriously broken during the restructuring.
Are you looking for a comprehensive introduction to .NET to scope out the landscape? Wondering whether .NET will benefit your particular situation? Questioning whether your present architecture can be migrated to .NET on schedule, or perhaps at all? Worried about your system’s scalability? Stymied by interoperability problems? Looking for new business opportunities or increased efficiencies with Web Services? These are just a few of the challenges IDesign can help you understand and conquer. Whether you are concerned about the way your business model maps to .NET or the “nuts and bolts” of the technology, IDesign has the expertise you need. We strive both to maximize what .NET can offer and to improve and optimize the underlying development process. The benefits to your company of using IDesign services are robust and maintainable applications, overall developers productivity boost, faster time to market and short cycle time between versions.
Even if this is not strictly related to C#, you could take a look. Follow this link to read a brief article on Software Factories we wrote recently that was published in Software Development Magazine, July 2004.
Check out this great tool. It helps you paste in C# code and formats it to HTML. And it's free.