There's a great place for learning about various programming techniques or mathematics theories, such as Graph theory and Graph algorithms. There are even a few explained AI algorithms such as A* search algorithm with valid references and links to tutorials.
Download MSF for Agile Software Development, Beta This download contains the agile process guidance that will be shipping with Visual Studio Team System. MSF for Agile Software Development is a scenario-driven, context-based, agile software development process that utilizes many of the ideas embodied in Team System. This process incorporates proven practices developed at Microsoft around requirements, design, security, performance, and testing. This new release introduces the new Team Model, Mindsets, and Principles. It also contains many clarifications of the activities. More on The Microsoft Solutions Framework: An Integrated Approach to Agile or Formal Software Development Process
"The generally accepted definition is that a “specification” states the what, which is followed by a design document that details the how. While there is a certain amount of flexibility allowed of the compiler in determining the how of object code, there is certainly no creativity involved. And that is where I draw the line. When the document is detailed enough, complete enough, and unambiguous enough that it can be interpreted mechanistically, whether by a computer or by an assembly line worker, then you have a design document. If it still requires creative human interpretation, then you don’t. In software development, the design document is a source code listing." More about this on Open Comments Thread for ...
ArtificialMind is a free Artificial Intelligence platform (SDK) that provides the following services: Search Algorithms for problem solving, Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks. There's online documentation too: Artificial Mind Help. You can download AMind assemblies and the samples from here:
Focus on learning business rule technology, instead of another development environment. Rule Studio for .NET is a set of plug-ins integrated into Visual Studio .NET 2003. Users control business rule definition and evolution. Rules are easily shared within groups and between teams.