Open Software Framework for Developing and Deploying Text Analysis and Search Applications to Help Developers Tap Into Unstructured Content YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, NY -- Aug 8, 2005 -- IBM today announced plans to make available through open source its Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA), a technology designed to support a new breed of software applications that can process text within documents and other content sources to understand the latent meaning, relationship and relevant facts buried within. The technology will be presented to Open Source Technology Group with availability through SourceForge expected by the end of year 2005. The UIMA framework can currently be downloaded free of charge from IBM AlphaWorks at
The main activity of the Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group (AI SIG) is its Artificial Intelligence Interface Standards Committee (AIISC). In addition, we maintain a newsletter on game AI and will further enhance this page with general game AI links and information soon. The IGDA also hosts online discussion forums to facilitate peer-to-peer communication and the sharing of knowledge; feel free to dive into the related Programming & Technology Forum. GDC 2005: AI Interface Standards: First Specifications GDC 2004: AI Interface Standards: Open Beta GDC 2003: AI Interface Standards: The Road Ahead GDC 2002: Toward Standardization of AI Interfaces