Rails is composed of three sub-frameworks in addition to all the ties that makes them run so well together. The three frameworks are... Active Record - Connects business objects and database tables to create a persistable domain model where logic and data is presented in one wrapping. Action Pack - Routes incoming requests through controllers with one method per action and lets view rendering happen using Ruby templates. Action Mailer - Consolidates code for sending out forgotten passwords and invoices for billing in easy-to-test email service layers on top of smtp or sendmail.
MonoRail (former Castle on Rails) is an attempt to provide a port of Action Pack on .Net. The Action Pack way of development is extremelly productive, very intuitive and easily testable.
Can one man and a mantra of "radical simplicity" change the world of Web development? David Heinemeier Hansson, a 26-year-old Copenhagen native, has built a "framework" to help Web developers be more productive and has released the package of tools through an open-source project. The trick, said Hansson, is to "slaughter the holy cows," the well-understood ideas of computer science that dictate how programmers work. In many cases, software vendors design products for difficult problems, an approach that leads to excess complexity, he said. I'll watch this framework from now on, as it is close to what I have in mind.
Max enables sharing of photos and slide shows. Some say it works like Flikr without a browser. Max is built on Microsoft's next-generation WinFX Runtime Components technology, which allows you to create stunning visualizations of your pictures, and share and update them with your friends and family automatically. You can try it out.
IBM is proposing a project to the Eclipse Foundation to create an open-source process framework to help companies establish consistency in planning and executing software development projects. IBM is offering for contribution the Basic Unified Process (BUP, a very light weight adaptation of RUP with influences from Scrum. See BUP whitepaper and demo of the BUP prototype. Other project members, will collaborate to contribute a Basic Agile process which covers other key ideas and processes from the Agile Development community, including Agile Modeling, Extreme Programming and Scrum. You can participate by reading the proposal and posting your comments and feedback to the Eclipse Technology Forum.