As Microsoft opens up Vista for public testing there are Five Things To Know Before Installing Vista Beta 2 (from CRN)

  1. You'd better have a DVD burner: The long hours it'll take you to download it will be wasted if you don't have access to a DVD-RW drive.
  2. It goes dead in 2007: Vista Beta 2 has a time limit - June 1st 2007
  3. You're stuck with Vista: Once you install Beta 2 you cannot roll back to the previous operating system installation.
  4. You're stuck with Vista, II: You may not be able to upgrade your installation of Beta 2 to the final edition of Vista.
  5. There are lots of "gotchas": It's beta software after all.

For downloading Vista Beta 2 go to: Microsoft Vista Custumer Preview Program. You'll find there another list of warnings. It's official.