Microsoft's Distribution Plans for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP has been Released.


For the first time, Microsoft is making the MSDN Library freely available for download from Microsoft Downloads. Previously, the Library was only available for download to MSDN subscribers. The current download is the May 2006 Edition and future editions will also be available when we release them.

Here's A History of Vector Analysis by Charles Petzold.

It's actually a short history of "Quaternions", some pre-vectors stuff that is still used in 3D animation.

Microsoft pledges new Windows Principles - Twelve Tenets to Promote Competition. These principles will apply to Windows desktop development projects going forward.

Whether Microsoft virtualization technology is an important component of your existing infrastructure or you're just a Virtual PC enthusiast, you can now download Virtual PC 2004 absolutely free. Microsoft is also offering the free download of Virtual PC 2007, with support for Windows Vista in 2007.

You can download it at the following link: Microsoft Virtual PC 2004.

Microsoft has released an add-on to Windows XP that creates a password-protected "My Private Folder" for storing private documents and files.

You may download Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 from the Microsoft's Web site.

Microsoft is planning to launch officially the Glidepath program on July 15 at the Shareware Industry Conference. Glidepath is the name of both the program and the Visual Studio 2005-related components and technology for building applications for Windows Vista and .Net Framework 3.0

Glidepath is part of Microsoft's Software Factory initiative – a Microsoft initiative about which the company has said relatively little during the past year.

Glidepath code packets can be downloaded via RSS into developers' software factories. Developers can write Glidepath components upon which other programmers can build and/or simply use Glidepath packages to build their own standalone apps, according to information on Microsoft's site.

The latest version (1.9) is available for download as the Project Glidepath Blog.

Microsoft made some fairly minor changes to IE Beta 3, based on feedback from testers of previous IE beta builds, company officials said. Among the changes:

  • An optional addition of an e-mail button back on the IE toolbar
  • The ability to reorder tabs by dragging them
  • The ability to scroll horizontally while zooming
  • Automatic update of all RSS feeds simultaneously
  • Increased user control in marking RSS feeds as "read"
  • Improved compatibility with existing Web sites and applications through adjustments to IE 7 layout rendering bugs
  • Inclusion of all IE security fixes made in Microsoft's June 13 Patch Tuesday update.

Download Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3, the latest version of Microsoft's new, improved, and free web browser.