As announced in previous posts, Ivar Jacobson and colleagues finally published a new article about their new Unified Process

Coming from one of the "fathers" of components and component architecture, use cases and UML, The Essential Unified Process (EssUP) is a fresh start that cautiously integrates successful practices from the camps of unified process, agile methods, and process improvement.

[...] EssUP is very different from other processes or methods in how it is presented. It embodies an idea new to the process industry—Separation of Concerns (SOC), as in aspect-oriented thinking. When we apply this idea to process development, we generate a fundamentally different process—one that makes it easier and more intuitive to select your tailor-made software process. Most importantly, it will be more natural and intuitive to plan and execute a software project.

More resources can be found on, including this short PDF presentation: The Essential Unified Process – a Fresh New Start.