Steve Ballmer recently issued a new executive e-mail, A New Era of Business Productivity and Innovation, stating his view about Microsoft's Foundation for the People-Ready Business. The focus of new software releases from Microsoft will be aimed at four specific areas:

  • Simplifying how people work together
  • Finding information and improving business insight
  • Helping to protect and manage content
  • Increasing security and reducing IT costs

Some excerpts from Steve Ballmer's:

Ten years from now, the barriers between organizations, systems, processes, and forms of communication will have given way to a seamless flow of information and ideas that will unlock personal creativity and productivity, and drive even greater opportunity and growth.
Windows Vista, the 2007 Office system, and Exchange Server 2007 include sweeping changes designed to eliminate these barriers. It starts with far-reaching changes to the user experience. From the new Windows Vista Aero interface to the new Ribbon in the 2007 Office system, these products offer dramatic improvements that enable users to focus on content and tasks rather than the interface itself, making it easier to find information and access useful features with fewer clicks.

Source: A New Era of Business Productivity and Innovation