BitTorrent Inc., makers of software technology used before to download pirated copies of movies, is launching a Web site that will sell downloads of films and TV shows licensed from the Hollywood studios.

The content is protected by Windows Media DRM and will only play back using Windows Media Player.

BitTorrent is betting that at least one-third of the 135 million people who are using the software will be willing to pay for high-quality legitimate content rather than take their chances with pirated fare.

New movies will cost $3.99 and older films will cost $2.99 to download. TV shows will be $1.99 though high definition versions will be $2.99. Once downloaded the TV shows available via the service can be kept indefinitely but movies can only be stored for up to 30 days.

BitTorrent also hopes to encourage the creation of a community around the entertainment site where customers will be able to post videos they have made for others to download, targeting market share from sites such as YouTube.

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