Christopher Diggins has a post on his blog about how to become a better programmer. He has some advice: share some code!

"I encourage all programmers to find some public code sharing forum, such as, and take the plunge and share some code with the community. You may be surprised at how much more you have to learn than you have to teach. The people who learn something from your sharing experience will also be grateful, and will make the experience that much more gratifying."

In fact, many programmers have trepidation about sharing their code in a public setting, mainly because no one likes being judged or criticized.

I have shared some pieces of code on (Chart Control .NET and Wizard Control .NET), both of them being pretty well received by users. Sharing code is actually a kind of test that you endure. You need to be prepared for criticism, and you have to take some action to prevent you code from becoming obsolete.

One side effect of this kind of sites is that they allow you to read other people's code. I don't think, though, there is one single most effective thing to improve coding skills, but code samples always gave me a jump-start at any new domain a needed to cover.

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