Visual Studio Extensibility team has released the Visual Studio 2008 SDK 1.0, and, for the first time, the new free Visual Studio 2008 Shell redistributable runtimes for both Isolated mode and Integrated mode.

The Visual Studio Shell (isolated mode) provides a foundation on which you can build your own custom-branded tools environment that runs side by side with Visual Studio. By using the Visual Studio Shell (isolated mode), you can accelerate development by reusing the Visual Studio IDE in your application and focus on your core tooling problems.

The Visual Studio Shell (integrated mode) provides the foundation on which you can seamlessly integrate tools and programming languages within Visual Studio. The Visual Studio Shell (integrated mode) does not contain any programming language, so it provides the perfect foundation to deploy a development environment for your own language.

The Visual Studio 2008 SDK is required for development and testing tools and programming languages that target the Visual Studio 2008 Shell. For more information about the Visual Studio 2008 Shell, visit Visual Studio 2008 Shell overview.

Visual Studio Extensibility site has the links to the SDK, and Shell downloads, and other resources.