I just changed my blog design. It's a new custom theme. It uses a lot from the old one, but it has a new twist.

What do you think about it? Seriously.

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On a post on Netscape blog, Tom Drapeau, AOL's director of the Netscape brand, announced that AOL will end support and development for the Netscape Browser. Support will continue for the current version of the browser, Netscape 9, by releasing patches or security fixes until February 1, 2008. After that date, all development will stop and there will be no more active product support for the browser.

Originally released in 1994 during the nascent days of the web, Netscape Navigator was the underdog contender in the "browser wars" of the late 1990s, when it faced stiff competition from Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. Netscape released its browser's source code and created the Mozilla project in 1998. AOL then acquired Netscape in 1999.

AOL's Drapeau recommends for the nostalgic users to download Mozilla Firefox, and add on the Netscape's theme and extensions pack for Firefox.

As of February 1st, 2008, Netscape will continue to serve as a general usage Internet portal.

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I have started planning a project a few months ago. A Romanian clone of Digg. Not the first one, I assure you. I'm still gathering features for this site, hoping that it will be a blast. If not a ground breaker, at least a decent Digg clone :-)

And now, not at a totally surprise to me, comes this article from Scripting News, "The next step in Digg clones".

It talks about all other Digg wannabes out there, taking some points out, and insisting that there is a place, even if some might call it "niche" for sites that emulate Digg.

Even more, at the and of the article the author summarizes the whole idea:

"So that's the idea. I want starting a Digg-like community to be as easy as creating a weblog on blogger.com. Just fill in a form, click Submit and off we go. Let a thousand flowers bloom. Sure most will be ghost towns, there will be press articles talking about the abandoned communities, but I bet we look back in a couple of years and see the landscape in the blogosphere has changed yet again."

You might think that this will discourage me, but it feels nice to know that more people are working on the same field. It gives you a sense of competition.

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This week I've revisited my old home town, the town where I grew up.

I'm doing a roadshow for this project I'm working on, so it was a business trip, with no time for hanging around. I was able though to get to my favorite place at the edge of the town.

It was a rainy day, the air was misty and filled with a sick and heavy smell coming from the slaughterhouse. All those memories going through my head, ranging from hot summer days with same fetid smell and nights with hungry mosquitoes driving me crazy, and coming to those cold and windy winter days with little snow if any.

All this seems so far away now...

NOTE: A few days have passed since then. I was a little hesitating of publishing this post, being so personal, but here it is.