Lenovo has launched a new ultra-mobile laptop, the X300, weighting just 1.4 kg.

The X300 offers SSD storage, wireless connectivity options including integrated Wireless WAN and W-LAN, as well as Ethernet. Just about what MacBook Air is missing, as you can see in this fact sheet:

Thinkpad X300MacBook Air
Weight1.4 kg1.36 kg
Thickness18.6 mm19 mm
Processor1.2 GHz1.6/1.8 GHz
Memory2 GB2 GB
USB Ports31

I can only hope for a faster processor.


Check out this aggressive web ad from Lenovo. Big words: “The art of thin”, “No-compromise” and “Everything else is just hot air?”. Is this the sound of war?

Maybe it isn’t as sexy or inexpensive as the MacBook Air, but it has a lot of features the Apple lacks, especially a wide array of ports and connectivity options, a built-in DVD-RW drive and a removable battery.

Apple and Lenovo have reset the bar for the next generation of incredibly thin notebooks. The next “Big Thing” is probably going to have two drives (one small capacity flash drive where you put your OS and applications, and a larger capacity magnetic drive data, so you can get fast load times), a longer battery life , in order to keep the cost of the product down to something the market can afford.

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