Microsoft has developed and released via CodePlex an alpha version of a new open-source content-management system, codenamed “Oxite.”

This is a simple blog engine written using ASP.NET MVC, and is designed with two main goals:

  1. To provide a sample of “core blog functionality” in a reusable fashion. Blogs are simple and well understood by many developers, but the set of basic functions that a blog needs to implement (trackbacks, rss, comments, etc.) are fairly complex.
  2. To provide a real-world sample written using ASP.NET MVC.

The Oxite content-management platform is built to take full advantage of ASP.NET MVC but broken into assemblies so that even ASP.NET WebForm developers can use the data backend and utility code, supports use of Visual Studio Team Suite (DB Pro, Test, etc.), and Background Services Architecture (sending trackbacks, emails, etc. all done as a background process to prevent delays on the web site itself).

I should give it a try and come back with more details in the following days.

Microsoft's MIX Online site is run on Oxite. This is the first real-life implementation of the CMS system.

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