Thinking to put more time into blogging. I neglected this blog for quite a while. It was a pretty intense year, the last one. Most importantly, I expanded my family with a little boy, and this is an accomplishment enough for me.

So my personal life was evolving rather great last year, taking more time for itself than previously. This not being a bad thing after all. My son is now almost 3 months old, so the hard part has passed. Now I'm eagerly expecting him to grow up. My little daughter and wife also complete my life, and I am just happy in that way.

At work it was a tough year, struggling with old projects in maintenance that were getting nowhere and hoping to start new ones. But the crisis hit the economy and new projects were hard to find, if not impossible.

As for blogging, last year I dedicated more time reading other blogs than writing on this one. I realized that simply echoing tech news from established blogs was not enough to build an audience. In fact I didn't had much to say, but I hope that I will be able to improve in this area. I'm not saying I have a dull life, with nothing to say, but just that I don't easily find the right words to put it into text, nor I make time for writing.

The other blog I started last year was not gaining any traction either. Even though I thought that simply posting photos captured with my phone would be less time consuming, after some posts I lost interest.

This year started rather slow, giving me time to gather some momentum, so I am restarting this blog on a new ground, hoping that I will fill this space with more personal stuff and let the others talk about the news. I am hoping to start some new projects this year. Maybe they would be interesting enough to blog about them. That's what the new blog will be all about.

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