Here are the links for previous week (already late... I know :-), a week under the sign on Xbox One

  1. Xbox One is Biggest Launch in Xbox History: More Than One Million Consoles Sold in less than 24 hours - in par with PS4
  2. Head-to-head: Everything you need to know in the PS4 vs. Xbox One battle plus some reviews and impressions
  3. iFixit disassembles the Xbox One and finds NAND, high repairability
  4. Microsoft brings rich node.js support to Visual Studio
  5. Foundation 5, available now as responsive as ever
  6. A quick one: How Many Stars Are There in the Sky?
  7. Microsoft Store is selling ‘Keep Calm While Google Steals Your Data’ mugs, shirts, and hats - buyers are mostly Google employees
  8. End of an era: Once-popular media player Winamp closing down on December 20
  9. id Software cofounder John Carmack leaves company focusing on other things
  10. Offbeat: New at the Nursery: Tomato + Potato = TomTato


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I’m rebooting my blog today with a new thread of posts, a weekly roundup of the most interesting links I’ve come to in the last few days. I’m calling it weekly, because I hope to do it on a regular basis (so bare with me).

Interesting things happen this week: PS4 launch event, VS2013 launch event, to name a few.
So, behold to the links:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Launch Event - the keynote and more (did you know Microsoft had hired Erich Gamma? - of GoF fame)
  2. Microsoft takes development into the cloud with Visual Studio Online - a cloud-hosted IDE version
  3. Sony on PS4 launch - "We're very, very confident"
  4. PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One: The Controllers - check also The Specs and The Games
  5. A Neuroscientist’s Radical Theory of How Networks Become Conscious
  6. The Dark Art of Bots: How to Make $2 Million Online Without a Human Audience
  7. Google Play for Education is shipping on the Nexus 7 - nice one from Google
  8. Why Founders Don’t Sell - on Snapchat’s rejection of 3bn(!) takeover from Facebook
  9. Simple Logging Middleware (Katana Part 4)
  10. Impediment List – Montreal Class - some scrummy stuff

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