Not quite a top 10 for last week:

  1. A Brief History of Mind-Bending Ideas About Black Holes, while Stephen Hawking claims that black holes do not exist.
  2. Quantum Microscope Uses Spooky Entangled Photons To See Better, you know, for those moments when unentangled photons just aren't enough.
  3. You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Repair Your Car in an time when modern cars have more code in them than fighter jets.
  4. Following last week's demise of Flappy Bird, here's more proof than gamming is bad for your health: Norwegian shooter threatens hunger strike to get a PS3 in prison.
  5. And also here’s Conan O’Brien’s vision for turning Microsoft around if he were named CEO.
  6. The Internet Map, an interactive view from Cool Infographics.
  7. A tutorial on Building A Simple File Server With OWIN and Katana in 17 lines of code.


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