Previous week did't had many interesting news & tuts, except:
  1. Videogames and the Spirit of Capitalism, which naturally leads to How to effectively use Civ IV in higher education.
  2. WhatsApp and the Erosion of the Network Effect - why build more networks when everyone is already on the telephone network?
  3. Using Parallax Scrolling without Overdoing It, if this may be of any use to you.
  4. Or else, you could be Using CSS Transitions to SlideUp and SlideDown.
  5. You may also like to Kickstart Your Project With INIT And Grunt.
  6. Which begs the question: Responsive Design Frameworks: Just Because You Can, Should You?.
  7. Last, but not least, Why C++?. Alegedly... because "it's fun!" :-), according to a survey report.

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